PROJECT OWNER:   MIS Promotion, Mark I. Sikand,


My goal is to generate changeable price charts for different size, shape and quality diamonds. The price charts will be displayed on a subscription website and users may work on line and/or print the different price charts. Different people will use the price charts for different reasons, therefore, there will be six (6) different main categories for them to choose from. To accomplish this, I need to have the ability to easily change and update thousands of prices weekly and/or monthly as needed. In addition, the price charts need to be searchable for a phone and website app. Also, I need an app that would allow a consumer to enter their zip code and locate buying companies in their State, closest to them.


1. Create a database/APP that has a master price chart where I will enter 2,700 different diamond prices. The master price chart would then automatically update the 6 main categories and each 3 sub categories.  Then, each of the 24 final price charts will be updated. I need the ability to change the percentages used that each different sub category will be updated and also the percentages in the final price charts. The price charts will look like the sample charts that I created. The price charts will be displayed on website pages and on a cell phone. Each of the 24 final price charts must be printable. The price charts need to be secure and may be stored on either a cloud or server, whichever provides a higher level of security. Access to the 24 final price charts can be made via links that will be placed throughout the website. Also, if a third party website wants to add and display any of the final price charts to their website they will be able to do so (framed pages?).

2.  create an APP (using database) that can be used on both the website and cell phone, that will 1) allow a user access to the price charts 2) enter the information about their specific diamond and then specific prices, from the database, will be displayed. Also, as part of the same APP, the user can enter their zip code and a list of Buyers will be displayed who are closest to them in their State. ( see page "Sell My Diamond" on sample website)

3. Work directly with the website/hosting company to ensure the working integration of the price charts and apps into the Word Press subscription website.

4. The database/program/app must be tested, stable and warranted. You will need to have the confidence that you can and will successfully complete the full project, from start to finish. Payments, including any deposits, will be based on the full completion of the project.

5. All work, programming, coding must be done by a real person and company located in the USA. 

I am contacting you to find out if you have the ability to accomplish my goals and if so, get a formal price quote from you.


For your review, I have included general descriptions, flowcharts and a DEMO website so that you can get a visual as to how the price charts will be used. In general, prices will be entered into a MASTER price chart, percent increase/decrease will be entered/selected and then, 24 different price charts will be automatically populated and updated. On The MASTER price chart, there will be 2,772 prices that I will need to calculate and manually enter into the chart. With the program that we are developing, those prices will expand and generate 199,584 + unique diamond prices in the six main categories. The 24 final price charts that are generated must be able to be displayed on a webpage and also be printable.


If this is a project that you know that you can accomplish successfully in a reasonable time frame and for a fair and competitive price, then, I would like to receive a formal price quote from you. I am open minded as to how the task is accomplished as long as everything works properly. To move forward we would have both a project agreement/contract and a confidentiality (NDA) agreement that would be fair and reasonable to both parties. Once this is in place, I would provide you with actual prices, percentages and other confidential information that will be needed to complete the project accurately and successfully.

I would like to complete this project no later than October 1st, 2021
Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you